Which kitchen is best for my home?

We all know that the kitchen is the heart of any home. With a growing family or just a need for more space and functionality, the kitchen is probably at the top of the to-do list for a refresh. You want to pick a kitchen type that suits your needs, so here are four options you can choose from to get the most from your kitchen design.

  • U shaped Kitchen

This type of kitchen has cabinets and corresponding countertops on three sides of the walls giving you ample storage and work area. The open plan layout provides a simple flow to help lessen that traffic flow and give you effortless functionality while you’re entertaining or feeding the masses. The U shape gives it an open plan and is the perfect option when there are a few too many bodies in the kitchen, allowing everyone to operate dynamically at the same time. If you have a big family and like lots of space, this style is your best bet.

  • L shaped Kitchen

This type of kitchen can work well in small and large spaces. If your space is bigger, this design can make room for a small dining area which nicely breaks up the room; however, the L shape can also do wonders for a small space as the workstation divide creates an illusion of more space in the kitchen. As the name suggests, it has an L shaped kitchen with workstations and cabinets on two sides of the wall only. This design gives you the freedom to utilise the third wall as an area to put your fridge or a corner island. A design guaranteed to give you easy access but also provides an element of openness with the area in the centre—an excellent option for a modern house and perfect for interacting with guests.

  • Island Kitchen

A free-standing island works best in large kitchens. The workstations and cabinets can be on two, three or four sides of the wall, adding an abundance of extra storage into the kitchen. Solve that problem of seating the masses and bring the family together with some barstools but also utilise the island for its counter space, more room to prepare and a great hub of activity. The perfect kitchen for a busy family as the island is fit for traffic flow but also for a house that wants to make the kitchen the central point of the room.

  • Galley Kitchen

This type of kitchen works best in very small spaces or even apartments. It features two parallel walls with workstations and cupboards. A galley style kitchen makes use of the small space and utilises the area to maximise accessibility and storage. This space has the potential for multiple workstations and a contemporary looking design. If you don’t have much space to work with but want a versatile and dynamic kitchen, the galley is your best bet! Utilise your space and maximise the area with a galley kitchen, giving you more room for other elements of the house.

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