Transform your home with Hamilton’s kitchen and bathroom renovation specialists

Located in the heart of Waikato, and welcoming clients from across the region, including Cambridge, Enhanced Renovation offers renovation and building solutions customised to suit clients’ visions and goals.

We do it all, from bespoke kitchen remodels to complete bathroom renovations, quality garage extensions and affordable house recladding. So, contact the expert team today for cost-effective renovations from trusted professionals.

We pride ourselves on adaptability and believe that any good renovation starts with a dream. We strive to finish every job to the highest quality and ensure our customer’s standards are at the forefront of everything we do. Functionality, adaptability, respect, and excellence are the foundation of our practice, and we feel satisfied knowing that we intertwine these key pillars into our everyday work.

Why Choose Us?

The Process

To start the renovation process, we want to make sure we are on the same page. We want to meet all your needs and requirements, and so for us the first step of any process is a conversation.

Communication is vital here at Enhanced Renovations. We want to ensure we are absorbed in your vision and have the same understanding of your needs regarding colours, materials, and design. Planning is the most crucial part of the process for us.

We take your ideas and vision and create the masterpiece. We design and add all the elements as discussed to create a visual plan of your dream. This is one of the best parts of the process as you get to see the remodel really come to life. We can now visually see how the renovation will look and we will use this blueprint as the foundation for the remodel.

Finally, the best part of all, this is where the work on your home begins. We take your plan, and we turn the project into reality. We are guided by your goals as our experienced team does the work to get your remodel complete to the highest quality and standard. We want you to be smiling throughout the whole process and know that our progress makes you feel closer and closer to that end goal each day.

Let’s start that conversation today; you’re in the best hands to embark on your renovation journey.