In light of World Sustainability Day on June the 5th, it feels fitting to shed some light on eco friendly ways to give you a greener thumb when renovating.

Here are our top tips on how to maximise your sustainability during a renovation:

  • Sustainable building materials

There are plenty of building material options available to fit in with your eco-friendly building goals. Choices could include mud brick, rammed earth and straw bales, and the popular recycled steel and timber options. Starting your home with an eco-friendly skeleton sets the tone for a successful sustainable build.

  • Waste management

An easy way to reduce your footprint is to watch your waste management during a renovation. According to government and council documents, construction and demolition waste make up 40–50% of New Zealand’s total waste going to landfills. On average, a whopping 4 tons of waste is generated during home construction. Try to reuse products in your build, or make sure you recycle and use reusable materials to help keep this number low.

  • Donate your unwanted items

A renovation generally means a house rebrand, but there are ways to be eco-friendly while doing so. If you’re looking to declutter during your reno, make sure you donate your unwanted items. Repurposing items is a great way for mutual benefit; decluttering your house makes it more spacious, but someone else gets the gift of something new.

  • Consider energy-efficient appliances

Following on from the previous point, consider energy-efficient appliances if you are looking to reinvent your space with new appliances for an eco-friendly home. Many eco-friendly appliances on the market are much better for the environment and your wallet in the future. Make sure you check out the energy rating labels to help you find appliances that use the least amount of energy.

Renovation is such fun, and if you have the chance, why not do your bit for the environment, and tackle the job in an eco-friendly way. You’ll get your dream home, but you’ll also feel good while doing it. An eco-friendly renovation is a great way to protect our environment and your wallet down the line. Do it once, do it right!

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